• Thanks for a good article.  Having only been to QF and SQ Ive always wondered what the other lounges offer and their own unique styles.

  • Nothing like someone else's shoes and feet within 30cm of your head as you try and sleep.  A unique experience indeed.

  • Best business class for US flights

    Jul 06, 2015, 12:41 PM

    I find Cathay flight from AU to Hong Kong then to Chicago avoids LAX and provides a far better product and service than all the airlines mentioned in this article. If youre going to the mid-west or east coast, try CX instead.  1-2-1 layout, great HK lounges, great transit times to ORD fligh...

  • Hello AusBT - Do you know which seat numbers are the 208cm long?  (Being 202 cm tall -- it makes a difference!) Per the statement in the article: "...fully-flat beds between 203 and 208cms long..."

  • Qantas frequent flyers & recognition

    Feb 18, 2014, 01:35 PM

    Sometimes 'work instructions' can become silly. Ive been a PlatOne for two years due to far too many SYD-LAX flights - bc of that, by far the greatest PlatOne reward is the PlatOne Service Desk that looks after you before even boarding the plane.  The spa appts in the First Lounge for day o...

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