• Coming out of administration will be a very positive move for VA, but they like all airlines have an almighty fight in front of them if they're going to survive.

  • @RBCI don't think the many of thousands of businesses that have gone broke or are on the verge of going broke would think as you put it” it's a relatively minor inconvenience”. This is real for millions of Australians, not just a “relatively minor inconvenience”.

  • @MissJacksMelbourne has had and continues to have many “returned traveller flights” from overseas where the travellers go straight to a “quarantine hotel”. Essentially they should quarantine for 14 days and then be allowed to leave quarantine if they test negative. One fairly large Covid-19 clust...

  • I've also heard that the current “spike” in Victoria is government propaganda all centred around deflecting the media and attention away from the shameful “branch stacking” that's going on. I suppose we'll never really know.

  • Good point RichardInfluenza associated deaths last year in Australia was over 4000 people, yet the hype around COVID-19 has stopped our economy and sent thousands of businesses to the wall. No doubt that the quick and excellent response from the Australian government initially has slowed the spre...

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