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  • It looks to me like I wouldn't be earning any status credits if flying on an Emirates flight in March? If looking at the flight calculator on qantas, I would earn points, but not status credits - which is the very thing I'm after. Am I looking at this incorrectly? First class one way would get th...

  • How do you find out in an easy way how many status points I would get if I fly on emirates from Auckland to Melbourne - does the class in first matter? Also, can I use a qantas gift voucher on the qantas NZ site or do I have to send this on the australian site only? Thanks so much, you are absolu...

  • What class is F- excuse my ignorance :) great tip on NZ qantas site! never thought of that before. I think Auckland sounds like the most manageable destination, so maybe a weekend in Auckland is the way to go. Now just to find a great fare on a weekend before end of March ;) many thanks! 

  • You guys are amazingly knowledgable! Personally, not a fan of Jakarta from flight time and destination perspective, but what an earner!!!!

  • Yes, I agree - have found the domestic market waaayyyy to tough to get status credits in a reasonable timeframe/money.

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