• ...and my pet hate? Work tables with glass tops. Ever tried using a modern mouse on them? arrggggh!

  • Terrific advice Chris when you have the luxury of Business or even Premium Economy, but there are plenty of us doing vast mileage as start-up founders in cattle class on the cheapest fare type we can manage. As a Platinum VA flyer- I’ve never once been offered an upgrade (probably due to m...

  • Resale value is always the big question pondering the jump into a new model. As a former BNW/Audi owner, a guaranteed future value would certainly make me consider it. Amazing looking product. Well done Hyundai.

  • Dont bother with airport wifi any more for this very reason. I find it less frustrating to use my mobile data allowance when in Aus, or pay Telstra's $10 a day roaming free while travelling.

  • Maybe I'm being too elitist, but as a platinum member -I've earned those seats and priority boarding through loyalty. If I'd know I could pay $30 for it.. why bother being loyal. Defeats the concept if a 'loyalty program;' when you can pay to play. I'm sure it'll be hard for VA to say no to reven...

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