• I don't think the China locations are that 'obscure'. A lot of them already have direct flights into Australia, and besides, Singapore Airlines/Silkair already cover more, and I'd argue more important, destinations (like China's fastest growing area Chongqing).

  • China's VPN clamp-down

    Jul 12, 2017, 11:44 AM

    Having lived in China for 4+ years, there does seem to be a 'crackdown' every 3-4 months. Everyone worries for a few days and then everything seems to carry on as it did before. Be hellish if the real VPNs did disappear though and we were left with CCP-monitored 'authorised' ones..

  • Have had a OPO and a Xiaomi Mi4 in the past (both bought in China), and will never use Chinese phones again. Understand that not being Chinese they are not so suitable for me as the apps I need and want I can't get, but there were a lot of OS issues. Oh, and the Mi4 screen cracked from the slight...

  • Fly between CTU - HKG with KA a few times a year and I'd just chip in that while the food/beverage choice may be inferior to CX everything else is fairly acceptable (certainly not typical LCC). One thing though.. on their single aisle aircraft the leg space is abysmal.

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