• Skier - So the $1.9 billion Qantas has in cash reserves along with the additional $1.05 billion it secured today doesn't count? Alan Joyce has already said Qantas is well placed to deal with this crisis. Other airlines maybe not but Qantas has plenty of money.

  • I went for a refund after seeing the refund button at the bottom of the automatically generated voucher. The other big problem I see is once this is all over and airlines start flying again, it won't simply be a case of back to normal from day 1. Schedules will slowly start back up and they'll be...

  • Same here Travelbugsbitten, just confirmation that it will be processed. Will keep checking the credit card to see when it posts but I'm not expecting it soon.

  • Just to confirm 'Travelbugsbitten', my refund button was on the bottom of the voucher and not in the email. From the email I clicked the 'View your booking' button at the bottom of the email and it took me to my voucher. It was at the bottom of this page that the refund button appearedThey aren't...

  • mrkerr7474 - Well the confirmation page after I clicked refund was for the same value as the voucher, which was for the cost of the ticket (excluding CC fee).

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