• Is your voicemail hackable?

    Jul 22, 2011, 09:07 PM

    Hmm, only Telstra actually acknowledges the Caller ID spoofing part of the hack, Optus' response even implies it might actually be possible on their network. I'm not really convinced that Telstra's assertion that "Caller ID spoofing is not possible on either our mobile or fixed networks" is tota...

  • Ah, that makes sense.

  • I guess that's the advantage of controlling all of the hardware as well. Windows 7 goes a ways to solving the problem of slow sleep/wake by showing you which drivers are actually slowing it down, but it doesn't really help unless the hardware manufacturer actually fixes their driver. What happen...

  • SFO: Qantas is welcome back any time

    May 06, 2011, 10:49 AM

    I can kind of understand why Qantas wanted to stop this flight, since they had to run staff there just for one flight a day which seems kind of overkill. But I'll definitely miss it... today's the last day I could've flown on it.

  • Would it be too cynical of me to think the only reason this has become public is because regulators wanted to use it as a justification for keeping their stone-age restrictions on wireless devices?

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