• The 787 is not overrated it is actually it has a better aircarft technology. It is not Boeing fault airliners decided to put 9 seats instead of 8 in a row. Boeing meant for extra comfort in economy and no suprise the first oprator ANA did just that. Sad that for an extra about 20-22 sea...

  • For Qantas and alike only international destinations that Australia has enough trade and business with i.e. can carry enough business travellers and cargo, can justify financially a new route.

  • Only carriers like Emirates who are heavily subsidised directly and indirectly by their state owners can even fly an a 380 to minor destinations with hardly any business travellers and cargo to justify it financially. They have other routes to compensate for some of these routs. Qantas and alike ...

  • That is why Qantas flies only to destinations Australia has enough trade with and business to justify a premium service. For a vacation destination Jetstar will do.

  • A 787-9 can carry up to 47 tons of cargo. Minimum three times a week you can figure out how important is to fly to a destination, not just carry business travellers but import/export of goods.

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