• I wonder if this is also in interim measure for them - that they will 'bank' the night flight slots now and then keep angling to get day return flights over the next few months?

  • Alan Joyce won't rush next 787 orders

    Feb 05, 2018, 02:01 PM

    This makes sense. I mean why would he say they were going to rush in and get more 787's, given that it would look like the whole "get 8 and test them out" story would be out the window, and given that they don't need to announce the next ones yet? There's nothing to gain and everything to lose fr...

  • Another factor on this point is that as SYD (and to a lesser extent MEL) approach slot capacity, this could be a method of holding high value peak landing slots to the medium term, which would then allow for long term growth given that slots are allocated with historical precedence as the highest...

  • Qantas to launch Sydney-Osaka flights

    Jul 27, 2017, 02:45 PM

    The irony is that, looking at the Japanese market, Qantas literally just chose Brisbane and Melbourne on their Japanese routes to Tokyo. I don't think you can fault them for testing 3 seasonal Osaka flights from the largest city and main hub.

  • Wait no it doesn't - misread the dates and got excited.

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  • I'd also point out that the entire idea of frequent flyer programs is to give the user choice. If you believe that Malaysia Airlines is too dangerous, then you have the choice to fly via Singapore.

  • Additionally, PAPL is acting in an extremely short sighted manner, you only have to see how Qantas acted with its Sydney Osaka flights which were seasonal until they became permanent. As more aircraft come online and the financials and operationals become better known there is a likelihood of thi...

  • My theory is that this is evidence of Qantas' negotiation tactics with CASA over ETOPS. I think they are hoping that a public appearance to exchange the 747s to 787s on a 'one for one' basis will assist in their argument that they're the required jet for SYD-SCL and SYD-JNB. This would be further...

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