• I'll just fly via Sydney or Brisbane now and score the extra SCs. It's a shame Virgin are stopping these direct flights from Melbourne as every time I have been on one they are chockers!! Obvioiusly, the economics aren't workign for them right now and, let's face it, every airline screws over so...

  • I've only ever travelled First Class on the Eurostar - it's worth the extra bucks - and you get a dedicated waiting area/lounge rather than having to brave the normal terminal :-)

  • P.S. A taxi fare from my address is around $63 anyway, so I'd much rather ride in the back of a chauffeur driven car for the extra $6.

  • I use Omnicar to get to the airport from Altona North - $69 which seems like a pretty good deal to me. Book online, always reliabel and on time, spacious, clean cars, friendly drivers, even at ungodly early hours and I just don't have to worry. I'm not affiliated with them in any way. I find Uber...

  • That's fantastic Skippy - how long does it take you?

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