• My sentiments exact! The 2007 Business Class was the first 1-2-1 layout for any major airline and it stilll looks impressive today.A massive seat you simply pull down fot an actual mattress.. Elegant and simple.

  • What's next for Singapore Airport?

    Jan 22, 2015, 04:35 PM

    Singapore's Changi airport is simply unparalleled.. Essentially it is an indoor garden end to end with free movie cinemas, a swimming pool, abundant sleeping pods, cheap food options and very well trained and friendly staff mostly from Singapore, Malaysia and other parts of the world. What I lik...

  • SQ and QF are different airlines with different models. SQ unlike QR doesn't have any domestic markets.  Emirates which based their model on SQ which was an established success by the 80s, has become much bigger. SQ is still very much a "hub" 5th/6th freedom airline but has chosen to remai...

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