• But it doesn't look like you could use it for the whole cabin efficiently because each suite doesn't 'dovetail' into the one in front like the standard Vantage XL (which is what helps make it an efficient design). This is why it might work for row 1, but would take up much more room if you used i...

  • Looking at the pictures it appears this product only works for 1 row when it's in front of the existing Vantage XL product and couldn't be used for a whole cabin - is that right? If so it's a pretty limited offering!!

  • Hi David - how was the International A330 experience? Hanging out for the review!!! Did you manage to get any more info specifically about the current A332 International Subfleet and their fate? Any chance they will receive the 'International' standard economy seat & IFE makeovere?

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