• I used the lounge on a busy Monday morning (7-10am). It was packed. Loud, noisy, messy. The pictures make it look great (and they are the nice bits) but other than the attractive Scandinavian-inspired areas, it’s drab and boring. Restaurant is an extra charge, as are most of the alcoholic ...

  • Hang on.... Last month any bags over 7kg were a health & safety risk for crew, but now bags 7-10kg are fine?! Curiously no mention of crew health & safety issues in this latest policy change.....

  • Just requested the match for QF Plat One...  So with United Plat membership will this give me access to the Swiss First lounges in ZRH next month??

  • Thanks for the heads up David. Arriving back in ADL that morning - what time does that strike begin/end?

  • May 26, 2015, 08:28 PM

    Here's hoping they improve the menu in The Private Room - pretty ordinary, not extraordinary... The lounges are generally good but they do feel a bit dated now - could certainly do with updating. 

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