• Also LiFi needs line of sight to work? Agree with GregXL, this appears to be just for a faster network inside the aircraft for streaming inflight entertainment rather than for faster Internet access to the world outside.

  • McDonnell Douglas considered optional lower deck cabins WITH windows for stretched versions of the MD-11, which never happened. They called it the panoramic deck, as the windows on the lower fuselage would be at a shallow angle, offering interesting views. Perhaps their patent expired!

  • I presume this would not work at night. Would passengers be happy with this type of intermittent service?

  • Beware of China Southern. I know of two friends flying from China to Australia via Guangzhou, and had bags lost in Guangzhou. The airline did not seem to care about finding the bags and they were never found. the airline only offered USD20/kg in compensation and perhaps this was not enough i...

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