Your private Boeing 747 VIP jet needs an elevator. Because.

By David Flynn, February 24 2014
Your private Boeing 747 VIP jet needs an elevator. Because.

If you've splashed out over US$500 million on a private Boeing 747-8 jumbo jet, why not go the extra mile and add an elevator?

That's the pitch from a US firm which is now taking orders for what it calls the Aerolift, which is fitted into the belly of your blinged-out beast at a cost of "tends of millions of dollars".

That's chump change after you're slapped down US$360 million for the 747-8 itself and committed another few hundred million on a bespoke interior.

After all, any billionaire's private 747 can sport gold fittings, a pool table and a putting greens.

It's harder to trump the "cool factor of pulling up to my 747, and out pops an elevator," says Bret Neely, vice president of sales for Greenpoint Technologies, which creates custom interiors for Boeing’s VIP jets.

But the luxe lift isn't just about show. Greenpoint touts its 747-8 Aerolift as "a secure, ground-to-main deck lift for up to four passengers or a wheelchair passenger and attendant."

It also means no waiting around for jetbridges or tramping up and down those stairs, although Jed Barlett usually made it look pretty cool in The West Wing

And we have to admit, the Aerolift would be a good match to Greenpoint's upstairs Aeroloft, which add a loft space with room for eight private sleeping berths plus a changing room where your guests can comfortably slip into their PJs.

This cosy crib is situated towards the rear of the 747's upper deck – far behind the area that you'd typically fit out with meeting rooms, a private cinema or bowling lane.

On a conventional Boeing 747-8 this windowless area is set aside for the crew to rest or sleep between shifts.

Join us on an invitation-only tour of Cathay Pacific's Boeing 777 crew rest area or upstairs in the crew loft on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner if you're curious to see what's going on above your head during the flight.

The custom conversion dresses up that somewhat spartan space into airy, convenient private cabins with 6'6" (198cm) beds.

Eight fortunate VIPs or pampered crew can look forward to enjoying some proper sleep as the 747-8 Intercontinental whisks them around the globe.

This video walks you through the Aeroloft's design.

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Can the elevator be used for ejection, in case things go wrong? Maybe fit the elevator with a parachute and emergency oxygen. :)

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Will the ejection pod have a shower?

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Does anyone else want to shout "Get off my plane" ?

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