Air New Zealand's latest safety video is... a Chinese love story?

By David Flynn, August 8 2013
Air New Zealand's latest safety video is... a Chinese love story?

Air New Zealand is renowned for its engagingly quirky inflight safety videos. They've featured survivalist-adventurer Bear Grylls, Hobbits and body-painted members of the airline's own crew.

And now there's a heart-warming boy-meets-girl tale of love and life jackets in a special "Romance Class" clip made expressly for the Chinese market – although there are English subtitles to help we gweilos follow along when you click the video clip below.

It's all part of the Kiwi carrier's romance-themed marketing campaign in China which presents New Zealand as an idyllic destination for couples, and follows on from Air NZ's recent partnership with hit Chinese reality dating show You Are The One.

And because Air New Zealand knows full well the viral pulling-power of its videos, this tale stars influential Chinese social media celebs Molly Wang and Solo Zhuang.

But don't expect to see the short on your next Air NZ flight, even if you're heading to China: this safety video has been made purely for online use.

So no, it's not really an 'inflight safety video'. But when love is in the air, who cares?

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