Airbus launches A319neo, A320neo corporate jets

By David Flynn, May 20 2015
Airbus launches A319neo, A320neo corporate jets

In the market for a new private jet? If you can hang out until 2018 the Airbus ACJ320neo could be just the ticket.

That's the delivery schedule for the first ACJ320neo, which will seat 19-25 passengers for an 11,000km ride, with the smaller ACJ319neo providing room for eight well-heeled travellers on a 12,500km jaunt.

The jets are VIP models of the commercial A319neo and A320neo, and like their siblings boast advanced design including high-efficiency engines and eye-catching 'sharklet' wing fins which save fuel by reducing drag, while also improves take-off and landing performance and reduces noise.

The first commercial deliveries of the A320neo are due towards the end of this year, with Air New Zealand having inked an order for thirteen Airbus A320neo and A321neo jets to sharpen its competitive edge against Qantas on the trans-Tasman market.

Airbus is quick to boast that its corporate jets offer the widest and tallest cabins of any business jet, which suits billionaires who want their jets to be bigger on the inside.

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