Best travel SIM card for New Zealand

By danwarne, January 19 2011

Wondering which global SIM card is cheapest for use in New Zealand? We recently looked at a range of them, and the clear answer was SimCardGlobal Atlas+44.

It's only US$0.29/min (29c) to receive calls in NZ; US$0.61/min (61c) to make calls within NZ or US$0.62/min (62c) to call back to Australia. This was the cheapest of all the SIM cards we looked at for use in NZ.

SimCardGlobal's Atlas+44 SIM card is sold by a US company, but the SIM cards are from a UK carrier and have a UK +44 phone number, as well as a US mobile number if you need to use the SIM card in the US (for New Zealand, your contacts would call the +44 mobile number assigned to you).

The upfront SIM card cost is US$73 ($74.14) which includes US$25 ($25.39) worth of calling credit. Postage to Australia is another US$17 ($17.27).

A word of warning: the SIM card will expire after 12 months, taking your credit with it, if you don't recharge within the year.

Read our full article: cheapest global travel SIM cards which has other important words of warning and tips, or jump straight to our full review of SimCardGlobal Atlas+44.



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