Cathay Pacific brings Airbus A350 to Perth, Melbourne

By David Flynn, March 20 2017
Cathay Pacific brings Airbus A350 to Perth, Melbourne

Cathay Pacific is adding more Airbus A350 flights into Australia, with Perth to enjoy a daily service of the advanced jet while Melbourne will boast its second CX A350.

Both services kick off on 29 October 2017, with the Perth A350 debuting on CX170/171 while Melbourne's second A350 slots into CX134/135.

The move represents quite an upgrade for Melbourne in particular, with two of Cathay's three daily flights – CX104/105 and CX 134/135 – now being on the new Airbus A350, while CX178/163 remain on the larger Boeing 777-300ER.

Brisbane will also see its first A350 from Cathay Pacific at the end of March, as the Oneworld airline slowly pulls the older Airbus A330s from its Australian network.

The A350 sports an updated version of Cathay Pacific's highly-regarded business class seat...

... along with an all-new premium economy seat...

... while even the economy seats boast a handy tablet/smartphone ledge below their video screens.

Also on offer from tip to tail is inflight Internet, which is a first for Cathay Pacific's international fleet, with free access to the BBC, CNN and Euronews channels, and Internet WiFi available at US$10 per hour or – much better value – US$20 for the entire flight.

"We’ve been flying into Perth since 1970 and we’re thrilled to be introducing our newest aircraft on our direct services to and from Hong Kong" enthused Cathay Pacific’s General Manager Southwest Pacific, Nelson Chin.

"It not only means a bigger aircraft, it also offers more comfortable cabins and more seats using our very latest designs."

“Already passengers who have flown on the A350 speak highly of the experience. It really is transforming the way our passengers are travelling – it’s faster, smarter, and greener and people feel better when they arrive at their destination,” Chin added.

Cathay will also use its Airbus A350 between Hong Kong and London Gatwick to trial 'dine on demand' meals in business class from May 1 through to May 31, with travellers able to select anything from the expanded inflight menu to enjoy at anytime during the 12 hour flight.


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28 Dec 2016

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Meanwhile for SYD...

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

28 Feb 2014

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You're about to get 3 daily 777's, I wouldn't be complaining.

05 Jul 2016

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Nothing revolutionary about the 777, with the older seat, no live TV and no internet...

20 Jun 2014

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CX178 is my flight of choice so this is good news.

20 Mar 2017

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Damn - here I was waiting with anticipation that they will start flying the A350 on the CX171 route by the time we fly back from Vancouver in late May! I guess it's an excuse to book another flight when they do start flying it right!! 

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

28 Feb 2014

Total posts 144

Cathay seems to be keen on getting the A350 to Australia quick. I remember when they stated that Melbourne was getting the A350, it mentioned that they would be deployed slowly to Australia... This seems quite quickly.


13 Dec 2013

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If CX163/178 is moving to an A350 from the current 77W, wouldn't that mean Melbourne will have two A350s and one A330 on CX134/135?

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

04 Jun 2015

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I have CX134 booked for december and its still A330 according to them 

20 Mar 2017

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The Cathay Pacific post on Facebook seem to think it's CX134/135 moving to the A350.


13 Jun 2015

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This is aaaaaabsolutely good news for Perth travellers with scheduled Cathay A350 services coming to Perth! Boy oh boy wowee! What a beauty!

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

15 Mar 2016

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Fantastic news. A lot of CX's EU A350 services didn't remotely match up to the original HKG -> MEL A350 flight but this one matches fantastically for a seamless A350 experience across the whole journey. Looking forward to booking it in!

06 Feb 2014

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Great news! What could possible go wrong with Virgin's proposed HK service. Cathay now offers their best product into Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne plus better frequencies and connections.  Not to mention Qantas...

24 Oct 2010

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Update: there was an error in the original press release from Cathay Pacific, we can now confirm the following MEL-HKG flights as of October 29 – both CX104/105 and CX 134/135 will be on an Airbus A350 while CX178/163 remains on a Boeing 777-300ER.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

26 May 2014

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I have flown CX out of Perth a number of times.  The change I would like to see is an expansion of CX136/137 to more than 3 days a week to offer more daytime flights to Hong Kong and connections to Nth America and Europe.  I know Perth flights are limited by the total available to CX across PER, SYD, MEL & BNE, but cannot see point of such a limit where there is only one operator on a route.

10 Aug 2015

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I'm guessing Adelaide will occur sooner rather than later and maybe even cairns.

Cathay Pacific - Asia Miles

01 Feb 2015

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To be quite frank, the A350 J class product is falling apart already... Flew HKG-AKL 2 days ago, the wooden panelling on the side table is already peeling back, 1 toilet was broken and the faux leather chosen was already worn. Poor material choice IMHO. Have seen 3 year old 77W's in better condition. 


19 Sep 2013

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A great way for Perthites to fly to North America. Wish it was coming earlier for my USA flight but still can't complain about the existing J seat. Now, who was that old- fashioned airline with a roo somewhere that used to fly out of Perth?

21 Oct 2013

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Dont complain about Qantas, when we in the UK have to put up with BA (Budget Airline)!

21 Oct 2013

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Just one fantastic Aircraft, as you will see as and when it arrives in different parts of Aus.

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