VA upgrades waitlist v cash bids

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Hi ET readers, long time reader, first time poster.

I’m a VA platinum flying DRW-MEL in the coming days.

It’s my first time on the J upgrade waiting list and I’m flying blind on the process (no pun intended!)

What’s my chances for a waitlist upgrade? VA still seem to have 2-3 J seats on sale -2 days out.

Also anybody know who gets first dibs on regrades? Do VFF with status go first or cash bid upgrades? I tried getting an answer from velocity today with no luck


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I was in the same boat the a few weeks ago. Asked staff and the unofficial answer I got was to assume cash over platinum sadly. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

Ryan K

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Two friends of mine put in a cash bids (over $200 each) for Hobart-Perth business class upgrades recently but missed out. I know someone else on the same flight who is Platinum and got an upgrade two days out. My friends subsequently missed out.

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