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I'm arriving at LHR Terminal 3 at 5am, then 5 hour transit before departing on a BA/QF flight from LHR Terminal 5. Does anyone know if it's possible to access the Qantas lounge in T3 (allowing time to get to T5 for departure)? In other words, can passengers access T5 Qantas lounge if holding a T3 boarding pass? It may be a moot point anyway if the lounge doesn't open until 8am (according to one Qantas webpage, although another page says 6:30am).


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Can I assume you’re arriving on an international flight in to T3 and then have a domestic/European connection in T5? You will need to go through “FLIGHT CONNECTIONS” at T3 so won’t have access to the Qantas London Lounge. You will have access to the BA lounge if you are eligible. That’s open very early.


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