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Hi all,

I am finally getting to fly to the US again for a conference in Las Vegas. My company has me connecting onto a United flight from LAX to LAS after flying in on Qantas. All booked in 1 ticket. My question is what lounge can i access? I assume i cant access the Qantas lounge before my LAS flight, can i access United lounge on my QF ticket with my Plat status or the United lounge with my Velocity Gold. Not done this connection before as id normally go AA but the connections were not available.




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No UA lounge access on a QF/UA interline ticket, possibly except if you're also a UA MP member. Otherwise, no access before the LAS flight.


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Yes, it is interesting how often UA comes up as an option for domestic connections on QF flights to the USA, potentially exacerbated recently by the high rate of flight cancellations (with AA apparently cancelling more than the others). As DanV notes, your QF status won't get you in to the UA lounge, and nor will your VA Gold status as the UA flight isn't international (which seems to be a condition as per the UA website). The QF First lounge in TBIT will require your next flight to be on a oneworld carrier, by my reading of the conditions (I have only ever accessed this with an onward flight on AA or AS). The same may not be true of the AA Flagship Lounge in T4, the eligibility criteria for oneworld Emeralds on the AA website indicating that you can "Get access if you’re departing, arriving or connecting to any same-day flight marketed and operated by American or a oneworld® airline (regardless of cabin)". This may, of course, be interpreted variably by the lounge staff (and again, I have only ever accessed this lounge with an onward flight on AA).

You can choose to pass these lounges on your way from TBIT to terminals 7/8 anyway: after dropping off your baggage (which should be checked through), if you use the TSA checkpoint for connecting flights immediately to the right as you exit TBIT (assuming this is open!), go up to level 5 - this will take you past the QF F lounge. You can then use the TBIT connector to go to terminal 4 to try your luck at the AA Flagship lounge. Terminals 4 to 8 are connected airside by a series of tunnels (check the map on the LAWA website) - just allow plenty of time to schlep down to T7/T8. Other options would include the AmEx Centurion lounge on level 2 in TBIT (if you have a Platinum AmEx card), or you could purchase a one-time pass to the United Club through the UA app for $USD 59.

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