Do you think First Class is worth it?

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Do you think First Class is worth it?

I have never flown first class, and would never turn it down. I hope to get a chance one day, most likely via a rewards scheme. I am sure it is a more refined experience than Business Class, but with the quality of Business Class Seats and Suites, along with the excellent service these days, is it really worth it?

Must confess I love watching youtube clips of Business and First Class reviews. Often I can't see a huge difference other than the food being a little more fancy, with caviar and a few more delicacies. It is often mentioned in reviews that the gap between Business Class and First is so narrow, or even that some Business Products are better than the First Class offerings of many competitors, leading to many Airlines considering ditching First Class.

I am a First Class Virgin. Are you? Is it worth the extra $$$? Discuss....


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I much prefer Business as I do like passenger F/A interaction and I find that First  usually has none or very little interaction in this regard .  Everyone is different and situations of the trip can dictate how exclucive  you want the experience to be . 

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