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VAT Refund Claims DUB.

Does anyone know where the VAT Refunds Claims are processed at DUB? Presumably the company outsourced to provide this service also processes other EU VAT refund claims in addition to Rep. of Ireland VAT refund claims?

Has anyone completed this process? Does it happen before check-in (so that goods can be presented)? Feedback is much appreciated. Thank you!


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This is what Francis Matthew put on Trip Advisor (Not my Info)

"There are two VAT refund schemes in Ireland. At some shops you will see a sign indicating FEXCO Tax Free Shopping. By far the easiest. At the first of these shops ask the merchant for a card. Looks like a credit card. At some shops the VAT will be deducted from your purchase at the cash register - essential you pay by credit card. Other shops may not give the credit but you'll get it later. Simply present the card wherever you see the FEXCO sign. I'll deal with the airport part in a minute - but you will need to "register" your card before you leave Ireland or any VAT refunds will be recharged to your card.

Not all merchants use this system. Other merchants use the traditional method. Ask for and you will be given a lengthy receipt on which you will fill in name, passport # etc. The receipt shows the amount of VAT you are due.

Now- at the airport:

You check in at your airline and go through Irish security. Up 2 levels is what they call the LOOP. Duty Free shopping here but also the area to claim your VAT refunds. As I said earlier if you made any purchases using the FEXCO card it is ESSENTIAL you stand in this line and register your credit card with them. If you don't, any refunds you received will be recharged to your credit card. Now you need to stand in the other line, right next to FEXCO ,to receive any other refunds. These receipts state clearly that you need to present your purchases for examination in order to receive a refund. I don't know if this is true because I gave up at this point.

Get to the airport at least 3 hours early if you plan to do any VAT refunds."

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