This may be a stupid question.

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This may be a stupid question. I don't travel as frequent as you guys but I dreamt of a job that allows me to travel all across the globe. Any recommendations?


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Mate, I'd honestly suggest you find a job you love rather than one that lets you travel which may however suck! The allure of travel will quickly wear thin if you hate the job, and then you may even come to hate the travel by association.

That said: there are jobs for which travel is part of the gig, such as pilot or cabin crew, and to a lesser extent airline employee in operations, PR etc. You might also try any job which might have a role on a cruise ship.

A travel writer, of course, falls into this but that's not nearly as glam as it seems and again, you want to love writing to begin with.

I'm sure there are plenty more... Anybody? Anybody? Bueller?


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Ryan Bingham was in HR, he traveled a bit. 


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Yeah, if you find a job you like that you are good at, (1) you might make enough money to fly for fun, which is significantly better than travelling for work, and (2) you might get more opportunities to fly for work because you are in a more senior position.

However, all things being equal, working for an airline helps. If you want a corporate job, such as accounting, finance, HR, marketing, etc, working for a company with lots of international subsidiaries helps. 


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Awww thanks for the heads up guys. David, I love the travel writer part. Have been writing but not so significantly because of the nature of my job in the hotel which requires me to work graveyard shifts and thus my writeup is kinda held up with my sleeping pattern. Anyone hiring a travel writer? ;)

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