Best family seats in j on cx(333)?

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Best family seats in j on cx(333)?

Travelling to Hong Kong with wife and 2 kids. My youngest is 3 and needs supervision. Can anyone advise me are we best booking A,D and A,D in row behind, putting him in a sandwiched between 2 d seats or booking out across and having him in D with the adults in a and g. First world problems I know but with the design of the cabin I just want to make sure we can catch him when he gets up as the captain pushes the throttles up to take off from mel!!!

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Bet ur going to be popular on that flight ;) !


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Yeah... Seat in rows 19 - 21. You're in your own mini cabin away from the rest of the business class pax and if there are crying kids you'll only annoy PE  pax.

In terms of supervision get your kids in seats A or K and you and your spouse in seats in D or G across the isle (for reaching out if needs be). In seats A or K the kids are by the window and contained ; you lessen the risk of annoying other pax if they misbehave. 

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