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Cheap flights ex-Cairo.

Does anyone know why there are such cheap flights ex-Cairo? Is the threat of terrorism depressing prices? But if so, why just Cairo and not other Levant/North African cities (e.g. Amman, CSM, Algiers etc.)

DFAT's advise is to "reconsider travel" but does this apply for transiting?

Does anyone know other cheap(er) points to travel out from (to get to Australia)?


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What are you seeing?

I did a bit of a search on some random days and found economy airfares from Cairo to Sydney for around $US1200 on various combinations of ME3 carriers. That's pretty good, but I found the same out of Istanbul and even Frankfurt. Heck, you can do FRA-SYD for $US990 if you're prepared to go via China or India. 

Business class seems to be a little cheaper out of CAI than FRA but not by much.


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Yeah its the business class offerings that I'm interested in.

I'm building contingency plans to manage the risk that EU/AU fares may increase or the probability of upgrades may decrease with the start of the AA's service across the Pacific. As you can imagine Y to J upgrades are a lot more elusive than one would have hoped.

Need to develop more sustainable solutions to ensure OWE targets are met.

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