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Can anyone proof this, Qantas to fly B747 MEL to HKG?


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I thought they were using the 744 for SFO? But things do change


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The 744 for SFO was coming from:

SYD-LAX reduced by 4 x wkly freq

MEL-LAX reduced by 1 x wkly freq

SYD-JNB reduced by 1 x wkly freq.

The new changes further reduce SYD-LAX by 3 x wkly freq allowing for MEL-HKG on a 747 (which for business passengers is a product downgrade). Interestingly, Qantas will now have more of its own metal flying MEL-LAX than SYD-LAX.

Will be interesting to see what QF does with the spare 3 days of x A330 flying.

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