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On checking out of the InterContinental Sanctuary Cove on the 07/01/2017 I was advised that I would not receive points for my stay (only for minor in room and dining costs) as the booking was made through a travel agent. Upon further questioning I was told this was a change to policy as at the 01/01/2017.

Has anyone else heard of this change as I would expect this would impact room booking behaviour in future as a lot of IHG reservations would be made by corporate travel agents and I would look at staying at other options (Hyatt)


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I thought the restriction on points earning had been around longer than that.

There were a series of changes brought in on 1 January that meant they no longer provided benefits when using a travel agent, particulalry an Online Travel Agent (expedia, booking.com, and the like).

My understaiding was that bookings made through corporate travel agents would still be eligible. - it was the OTAs that were being targetted.


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I thought the policy had been changed longer than that.

Booking through the third party will not give the point, and this restrictions not only apply to IHG Group but also to other loyalty programme such as SPG and Marriott etc.

The corporate price will still eligible if your company have contracted with IHG but the agent will not eligible.

On the other hands, if the price of agent is lower than the IHG official website, you can bargain with it and have a lower price.

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