VA or Air New Zealand Premium Economy from Syd to Houston?

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I am a VA Platinum FF and have a trip to Houston soon.   As business class seats are sold out or limited for the relevant dates, trying to determine whether i'd be better off flying with VA in premium economy thru to LAX with separate onward connections to Houston or whether it would be better to fly premium economy with Air New Zealand via AKL to Houston? 


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Hi AVS32,

I've flown both types of NZ premium economy (the old Spaceseats and the newer black leather recliners).  I am a big fan of the Spaceseats and caught some very good sleep on them the last time I flew with NZ.  The recliners supported my legs better, but I only flew them on the trans-tasman portion of my trip so I can't speak to whether they're great on the long haul.  NZ's service in premium economy was very very good, good wine, three course meal, dedicated bathrooms, felt very much like business class.

I can't speak to VA, but I think they have very similar seats to NZ's new premium economy.  I would transfer through Aukland v LAX any day of the week, plus the LAX - IAD leg on Delta (presumably) would not have premium economy, whereas the AUS - AKL leg likely would (if you're flying out of Sydney).


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agree  auckland transit any day over LAX. i prefered the service on air NZ pe but seat wise its prety comperable. 


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I've only experienced the new VA Prem to LAX but they have certainly upgraded the experience to be more aligned with their business class service than an 'improved' economy service. The seats are new (as they are on NZ) with a small dedicated cabin and a standup pantry style self-serve bar in the rear. 

They have their own bathrooms and the meal is served on china. Not sure if the exact same menu as business class, but would presume it's very similar, including hot beverages served in china cups, using their Nespresso machine onboard for various coffee drinks which is a nice touch. 

Overall I found it really comfy and it's hard to fault the VA service internationally. But pending the city you are departing from, it may be easier to go NZ via AKL, simply as you will have a better connection and potentially no requirement for one-sector in economy.  NZ use the Dreamliner on most HOU flights also which is a nice aircraft.

But either way, I think they are both great airlines and I recommend them both to my clients. It's hard to separate them internationally anyway. Although being VA Platinum, you will get a tonne of status credits and points flying VA vs. flying NZ, so maybe your FF preference, or how many VA status credits you need to maintain your Platinum, will be a deciding factor? I always look at that as a helpful deciding factor.

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