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Yeah, I liked the 'original' one a bit better, sometimes very tongue-in-cheek and always gave me a smile. Uncertain about this new one featuring an Aboriginal dance troupe explaining the brace positions via interpretive dance

I'm worried about that part. I feel it doesn't make the positions clear at all.
If someone was a first time flyer I think they'd be left confused.

I also reckon the explanation of the life vest location is still too vague.
I'm not sure who approves these videos but I wouldn't be approving this one.

I agreed. totally agreed. Why just humour! Why humour also on every comercial you see on tv. It makes no scene at all.  Just confusing and almost to the point of a comedy advert instead of the real thing.  Who remembers the beautiful long theme qantas song and every kid in a white tshirt sorrounded in capital cities across the world in the year 2000? now that is what i call a mutual fantastic advert by Qantas.   Sad there's nothing like this knowdays at this stage.


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Hi Jon1! I think it is important to distinguish 'like for like' in this discussion.

It is probably universally accepted that the Qantas "I Still Call Australia Home" marketing is an iconic advertising campaign which had run it's time, having been reshot on film (vs video) several times over a 14-15 year period. This was a TV / film advertisement which was a primary brand promoter. Beautifully filmed, classically soundtracked and produced with exquisite detail. Hence, why it was so successful, loved and effective. Like many, I still have a lot of affection for this piece.

The subject of this thread however, is an in-cabin Qantas Safety Video - one that is not designed for prime advertising either nationally or worldwide for TV. The first ad is designed to capture public imagination and attention - and then convert that to ticket sales. The second is designed as a procedural element to be shown in-flight to converted passengers only.

I guess we all have our own views on the quality of 'in-flight safety videos'. Personally, I find the 2016 version a better execution, rather than the new one. However, I also concur with others that the 'travelogue' methodology can be somewhat distracting from the original purpose - if it is not executed flawlessly or in a compelling manner. A little humour or satire? I don't disagree with that .. provided, once again, that it don't devalue the importance of the main message - safety.

I have to admit - I am not a fan of the ground-breaking 'Richard Simmonds' Air New Zealand video of a few years ago. However, it did break the mould, was inventive and broadened the scope of what had become - for most carriers - something that flyers roundly ignored. 

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