Singapore Airline business class: Boeing 777-300ER vs Airbus A380

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I've got 4 J flights coming up, 2 in row 11 of 77Ws (first bulkhead) , row 14 A333 and row 11 A359 (front row bulkhead).  I've tried the A380 upper deck with a bulkhead and found that fine, minus the issues with seat storage.  I've decided to sacrifice a bit of space with the first row of the A359 if it means getting the bulkhead away from the galley.  Like it was mentioned above, always go for bulkhead and even consider flying on a different day if bulkheads are not available on your original flight search.


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Great advice thanks all. Where would I be without the ausbt community and all your insights and advice.. 


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I travelled business class from Sydney to Manchester with Singapore Airlines last June with my fiancé. The first flight from Sydney to Singapore was an A380 and the second from Singapore to Manchester (via Munich at the time) was a refurbished B777–300ER with the new cabin products. For both flights we sat in the middle 2 seats.

Firstly, the similarities. Obviously the amazing service provided by the cabin crew is the same, the in flight entertainment systems are different (more on this later) but the content is the same, catering is the same and the 1–2–1 layout with all passengers having direct aisle access is the same. Both have wide seats and fully lie flat beds.

The A380′s business class product is now 11 years old, but it’s still a great product. It boasts the widest seats of any business class product; I could comfortably sit on the same seat next to my fiancée. The 77W’s business class is still very wide, but not as wide. What the 77W loses in seat width it makes up in storage space which is a big plus. The storage options include quite a large compartment with a lid perfect for headphones or an iPad and other open compartment more for paper work / portfolios; both are on the side of the seat. There is another smaller compartment next to the screen. For me there was one downside to all this extra storage, on the A380 I could sit right next to my fiancée and easily interact however on the 77W we were much further apart and had to really lean forward and speak up to have a conversation. The other side to this is added privacy which would certainly be a plus to the solo traveller.

The 77W has a much larger, crisper, clearer screen and a more intuitive remote vs the A380. This is a big plus and does make a big difference, watching movies and tv shows was more enjoyable on the newer product. I only wish the screen was touch screen.

There was one big difference which has nothing to do with the product, but the aircraft itself. The A380 is a lot quieter and this makes a big difference especially when you’re travelling with a companion and also want to get some shut-eye without using noise-cancelling headphones. On top of this though, communication with the crew was easier, didn't have to shout, and even relaxing was easier! (This gets even better on next generation aircraft such as the A350 and B787.)

One final thing which I preferred in the B77W was the colours and styling, just felt more modern and welcoming though it didn't have a big impact at all on the experience. There were a few more lights to play with and more buttons on the seat which was great.

As you can see, I'm pretty torn between the two but the experience of both was amazing. I would favour the A380 when travelling with a companion and the B77W when travelling solo, though you will certainly have your own preferences. Also keep in mind that Singapore Airlines will launch their new Suites and Business class products later this year which will be exciting! Hope this helps :)


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Thanks iCooke, great review! It's interesting most people seem to be torn between the aircraft too.. both good in there own rights. 

Can't wait to try them both out myself, thanks for the awesome wrap up! 


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I have flown SQ B777-300ER and A380 both in Business Class with my family.

Honestly, I like the 777-300ER design over the A380. It is more elegance and more private.
However, if you cannot get the Bulkhead seat on the 777-300ER, you have to sleep diagonally.

As for the A380, the business class seats are winder compared to the B777-300ER. It lacks of privacy, but the cabin itself is much quiter since it is located in the upper deck along with the Economy Class.

If you are traveling solo, I would choose the B777-300ER. 

However, since I travel with my family more often than alone, I like the A380 & 777-200ER seat design. It is a lot easier to talk to your travel companion.

Happy travels.

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I have done both and I think the newer seat are preferred, but the 777 seams such rough riding plane these days. The 380 seats are still top notch, the journey is more comfortable with lower noise (I am sensitive to it) and more stable ride, so I would have no hesitation either way.
Just book which suits your schedule best
It is not like some airlines where the new and old seats are chalk and cheese and you will avoid them like the plague (insert Q...) or where the seats are the same but the plane is so much better (Cathay MEL 777 v A350 service)
SAL new A350 is what you really need!  :)


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Really helpful everyone, many thanks! 

So I booked tonight and will be taking SQ 232 over to Singapore and SQ 211 home so get to test out both. Managed to snag the bulkhead seats on the a380 but no luck on the 777 homebound, hopefully being a day flight it shouldn't matter too much. Now to decide what to choose with book the cook.. so many options! 


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Sydney to Singapore , did I read there are cabin upgrades from Oct 2017

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