How long to allow for United Airlines transfer at LAX?

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I've made several 30 minute connections in the US but it's always tight. 1hr is better if you can, especially as often they'll start boarding 45-60 minutes before departure. 


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I would never risk this too-tight connection at LAX unless you have it IN WRITING from a supervisor that UA will cover 3 meals and overnight accommodations if you miss the second flight. Since that guarantee will never be made, call UA and get an earlier/different flight to LAX. Because I don't run through airports well I don't like to book connections at LAX under 2 hours, legal or not. 

I just checked the UA website for a random weekday date next month. There are only 2 non-stops CLE-LAX, one at about 7am and the other at 7pm. Your alternative would be flights to LAX that connect, not optimum but a better choice. There is a 530am flight that makes a stop in Chicago with "no plane change." But just because the schedule indicates no change of aircraft, that doesn't mean a change couldn't happen. There are also many other options with connections.


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30mins is a little insane no matter what airport you're looking at especially LAX! You'd have to have all your stars in the universe lined up to make that one work! Good luck :)

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