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Neil R

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Hi all - just doing a costing for a trip to Miami in Dec on VA, and while the site will let me look up flights to places like Atlanta, the site comes up with "Unavailable" when searching for SYD/MIA/SYD for any dates in Dec.  Anyone ever come across this?  I will call VA later, but just want to ask the question. 


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I just had a look and it seems that it's not just December dates that the website has problems with.

It is possible to book SYD - MIA - SYD (with the actual routing SYD - LAX - ATL - MIA - ATL - LAX - SYD)

I used google flights and was able to restrict results to VA and DL only which resulted in being able to select the SYD-MIA and it then took me to the Virgin Australia site where you could book them. So it definitly is possible to book the flights it just seems to be a website problem.

Try using Google flights which can search the flights and then send you to the Virgin Australia website to book them.

Neil R

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I believe this may be because Delta flights from LAX-MIA and back are rare; there are not many direct flights currently. I used to fly SYD-LAX-ATL-FLL/MIA a lot and only ever had a direct flight once from LAX to FLL and that was with Virgin America, but with Virgin America disappearing it is not an option. 

Try looking for Fort Lauderdale flights, there are a lot more Delta flights there and it's only slightly further away from Miami than the MIA.


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Normally, this route on DL is via ATL but I do believe they normally run one direct service per day for a few days over the Christmas period.


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I'd call them, you may find the only flights available have short connections so not coming up. 


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Same issue ex IAH, DL has an IAH-ATL-LAX service but it never comes up nor does the IAH - SLC - LAX options to connect with VA

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