• $5 per day still seems ridiculously expensive. I always grab a sim from  sim corner before overseas travel. Much better value but you do have to use a new local number. 

  • So my statement about ‘higher probability’ of a diversion is correct?On a 17.5 hour journey there is more opportunity for a diversion than on a 7 hour flight (MEL - SIN for example) where the flight may continue to it’s final destination for a resolution to the medical emergency...

  • One of the problems of these ultra long flights is the much higher probability that you’ll have to divert somewhere else. QF22 last week had a stop in AucklandQF9 yesterday had an extra stop in Frankfurt. These extra stops make the convenience of flying direct from Australia to th...

  • Completely agree. Rarely book Airbnb due to the one sided cancellation terms. If the consumer cancels then you could lose all your money whereas the host can cancel at any time and face no consequences. Admittedly, it seems since the height of covid that more Airbnb now offer ‘free cancella...

  • I am also a fan of 1A and 1K - larger footwell area seems to provide a longer bed for my 194cm height.

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  • JFK T8 arrivals lounges?

    Apr 26, 2022, 10:23 PM

    It was pre-covid but I previously used the American Airlines Flagship lounge in Terminal 8 (concourse B I think) after an arrival and that had showers. Access will obviously depend on Oneworld status or seat class/route of your arriving flight.

  • USA Sale Fares

    Apr 26, 2022, 10:07 PM

    Two months out, school holidays in these months and partially limited supply (less flights) - I wouldn’t be waiting for a ‘sale’ if you are planning on travelling.

  • How much is gold worth to you? $1,000?I also agree with the above - I don't think you can do much better than Sydney to Brisbane/Melbourne/Gold Coast to Auckland for 130 points each way in J. If you can be choosy on dates then you might get set for $925This would cover your 400 points and 4 segme...

  • VA23 - MEL to LAX cancellations

    Sep 13, 2019, 09:15 AM

    On VA23 from Melbourne to Los Angeles next week, I notice that over the past couple of weeks one of the scheduled services each week has been cancelled (yesterday, 2nd Sept etc.)Anyone know why? Should I expect another next week?

  • Cash vs Travel Money Cards

    Apr 09, 2019, 08:50 AM

    I spend two months per year in the US. There is only one option in my opinion:Citi Plus Account for ATM withdrawals - no ATM fee and uses the wholesale rate set by Visa/MC. And debit card transactions if that’s how you want to transact. And....Bankwest Zero MasterCard for general purchases,...

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