Sydney airport pickup zones are horrible!

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A couple of weeks ago I had to pick up my daughter at Sydney airport - unaware of the new changes to pick-up zones. I landed in the wrong zone as I wasn't too sure where to go to and at the boomgate was told if I turn left I will immediately have to pay $72! I had to turn right and ended up paying $9.00 for a couple of minutes. My daughter who just had an operation 3 weeks earlier had to walk half a kilometre to be picked up dragging her suitcase behind her up and down curbs. Needless to say she was quite sore and frustrated by the time she got to the car! Shame on Sydney airport for not thinking of passengers who can't walk 10mins like the elderly, sick or single parents who might have lugguage, kids and a pram to maneuver. But I suppose the money grabbing re the new pick-up zones has a lot to do with Terminal 2 that they want to refurbish.......

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