Can I enter the airside of domestic airport without a ticket?

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Following the busted terror plot earlier this year, there's been talks suggesting we will need a ticket to get into the airside of domestic airport.  However, may I ask has this been implemented yet? If not, can I still enter to the airside of Domestic Airport without a ticket?

I am not going to commit fare evasion, I just want to welcome my gf back from interstate if the rules haven't changed.


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When I went recently I didn't need to show a ticket.

The worst that can happen is they say the rules have changed and don't let you through.

I don't think they'll require everyone has a ticket unless forced to by the government.


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You don't need a ticket to get through to airside


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In Australia you'll be fine without a ticket.

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The only time boarding passes are required to clear domestic security is when there's been a terminal evacuation (e.g. security breach) and they have to kick everybody out and re-screen everyone again. In that instance they'll usually only let travellers and airport staff/cabin crew through security to minimise the queues and any potenial flight delays... but 99% of the time, you're fine to go through. :)

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