Transit time at Frankfurt

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I'm flying Stockholm-Sydney via Frankfurt end of year on SG Business.

The Stockholm-Frankfurt leg is with Lufthansa. Been reading that transit through Frankfurt can be very slow, and I only have 1hr 10 transit time between flights. Anyone had issues in Frankfurt ? Is there a fast track lane for Bus. customers? Thanks


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There is definitely a fast track, but the last time i went through, they had so many people in that line, it was faster to go through economy which had multiple lanes. I would'nt think 1:10 is too bad.


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I take it your entire itinerary is in the one booking? If so, dont stress too much. If you happen to miss it, LH will just put you on the next flight (either LH or SK) a few hours later. There are several a day. I have never had an issue transitting FRA, it always seems efficient and stress free, even during the morning arrival peak, but then again maybe I have just been lucky.

What may work against you though:
1) Any delay arriving at FRA
2) You will have to clear border control at FRA, and this might eat up some time.
3) Your gate for the next flight could be from a far away gate.

But if LH sold this connection to you on the one ticket, then they must be confident that you can make it.


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I am assuming your mention of SG is actually Singapore Airlines (SQ).

Singapore Airlines has 2 flights to SIN out of FRA at 11:40am and 21:55.

And SIN-SYD there are 5 direct flights at 00:45, 07:05, 09:40, 20:40 and 23:15.

If you were delayed in FRA, then I'm sure you'd be put on the next available flight and also be connected to the next flight from Singapore to Sydney. And if your original connection in FRA was for the 21:55 and you have missed it, the airline should arrange to put you up in a hotel overnight until your new flight next day. This is provided your ticket is a one straight thru booking, and not organized separately. That is to say your Stockholm to FRA is not a separate ticket to the FRA-SYD.

I don't think you will need to go thru immigration in FRA, as you would have done that in Stockholm and won't be leaving the transit area.

Here's a link with a bit more info.

I remember the airline can arrange to transport you in one of those terminal buggy to the next departure gate if your flight arrived later than scheduled. They would usually know which passenger is connecting from which incoming flight because your checking-in at Stockholm would have notified the airline staff in FRA about your arrival and connection. In fact if you do encounter a delay, upon exiting the aircraft and when you see airline staff in uniform, they may be holding up a card with your name on it. And if there's none, and you feel that you may not make it to the next gate, talk to an airline staff immediately when you see them.

One other thing you can do is inform the cabin crew while on the Stockholm to FRA flight that you have the connection at whatever time. They can sometimes communicate with the FRA staff.

All your flights would have been under partnering and code share airlines. They liaise with each other.

Hope this will assist you.

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I think you would need to do immigration in FRA as you are leaving Schengen zone. 1h10m is probably reasonably safe though, FRA works reasonably well, especially if you are on that night flight when there is less EU passengers to get in the way.
I have used an assisted transfer (pre-booked) in ZRH and we transferred in 30 min after the inbound was late, my wife did her knee and we knew the 55m planned transfer would be tight so we booked it. I don't think others were so lucky


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Just been through Frankfurt stopped off to see the car show getting through the terminal was a breeze as the Aust passport is through the smart gates 15 mins and we were in the Cathay lounge


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Thanks very much for the insights and tips. I'm on a one ticket booking so even if delayed and I miss the 21:55 to Singapore, good to know they will put me up overnight. There have been a few letters in Fairfax about people missing connections inFrankfurt and being charged by Lufthansa, thus my concern.


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If possible then maybe try increasing your FRA transit, since you’re flying J there might not be any extra charge if you miss your flight. As others have said it should be fine, just don’t take any stress as this is out of your control


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Yes, don't stress over it. Most important is that you do not have important appointments straight away upon arrival at your final destination.

Don't forget to do your "Book the Cook", at least 24 hours before departure, for your SQ sectors.

Have a wonderful flight and just get spoilt rotten by the in-flight service.

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I made exactly that connection recently (and I know FRA very well). You will be fine. You don't need to re-clear security and the immigration line will be short at that hour. They're also likely to hold the flight for you within reason if your connection is late.

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