I am due to fly into LHR T3 at 6:10am on QF1 in Feb in first class.

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I am due to fly into LHR T3 at 6:10am on QF1 in Feb in first class. I am then on a 8:30am flight to Budapest with BA in economy also from T3. The bookings were made separately. I am flying to London by myself and then meeting my partner in London to fly together to Budapest. 1) Will Qantas check my luggage (96kgs) all the way to Budapest? 2) Have I left enough time to transfer? 3) Is there fast track for first class into LHR T3? 4) Will I and my partner be able to access the BA first class lounge in T3? Thanks in advance



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I did a similar connection last month off a QF Business Class flight to a BA Economy flight leaving from T5 and  made it in plenty of time. Shower and lounge time etc

Qantas will check you all the way through and check the baggage to – Make sure you have the ticket and booking numbers for the BA flight with at checking in Australia.

Not sure re lounge access.

 Also, The Heathrow airport site gives some good info on transfers etc.


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1. If they're on two bookings then you won't get your Qantas allowance on the flight to BUD, you'll be subject to the regular BA allowance. As a QFF Platinum that's 2 x 32kg bags (2 bags weighing a max of 32kg each, not 64kg spread across 2 bags). No problem with booking your bags all the way through though. You'll want to check this though, I haven't done a QF-BA transfer for years.

2. Plenty. You'll need to go through immigration (follow the transfers signs though), then you'll be redirected back through security and into the terminal.

3. Not sure what you mean? 

4. Yes, using your QFF status. Your inbound flight doesn't give you any lounge access though.


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4. If you have Qantas Platinum - defintely under oneworld rules inc guest. If not more difficult - theoretically you would only have access to the Arrivals Lounge, but then if on BA/QF First connecting to T5 you get access to the even better Concorde lounge so think you should be able to argue the point.


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1) Theoretically your BA Y class baggage allowance will apply (but as QFF Gold you get 2 bags (23kg each) and Platinum 2 bags (32kg each)) as it is a seperate booking. However if you check your baggage through to BUD, it is highly likely that the QF check in agent will waive the excess baggage fees for the LHR/BUD sector. The priority tags on your luggage might also mean your bags will be one of the first to appear on the luggage carousel at BUD.

2) 2h 20mins is plenty of time. I've done connections from T3 - T5 in under 1.5h.

3) There is a Fast Track for immigration at LHR T3 HOWEVER you will not require the use Fastrack as you are making another international connection and will not need to go through British immigration (unlike the USA). There is however NO Fast Track for security, which you will need to go through.

4) As per the Oneworld website;

"Customers flying in Economy class on a domestic or intra-European segment to connect to or from a oneworld longhaul First or Business Class flight can also use the lounge applicable to the class in which they are travelling on the longhaul segment." 

So its a yes for you but a maybe for your partner. Give it a try. The worse they can do is turn you away. BUT there are 2 other Oneworld lounges within T3 you can try your chance with (CX and AA) if the BA dragons are being difficult as they sometimes can be.

Of course if you're OW Sapphire/Emerald then both you and your partner have access.

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