Wonderful surprise flying Emirates

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I owe Emirates an apology. I dreaded travelling with them from Mel to Dxb in Business and posted a comment here in this community stating as much. Well, was I wrong. The 777 wasn’t great, typical noisy beast and the seats weren’t like flat as advised on booking, but the staff were wonderful. The Dxb to Bcn flight was on their A380 and was outstanding.

We returned via Dxb with Qantas in 1st, and Emirates were far and away better in Business then QF in 1st. Emirates has a new premium customer. So this is me, eating humble pie and retracting prior concerns expressed here about Emirates....


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QF's First Class.....has fallen waaaaaay behind the competition and quite sad to see considering all the hype and premium fares charged. Both do not reflect the service provided.


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My wife and I recently flew 7 sectors with Emirates, in economy. Two of our four A380 flights were fine, as was one of our three 777 flights. The other 3 flights were diabolically poor including toilets becoming dirty and out of consumables, including toilet paper, with nobody attending to this. On one of our flights they disregarded our seat reservations for third row, and put us in the tail, with no apology, just "we needed your seats for another family".

One of our flights, from Rome to Dubai was oversold but we happened to be at Rome airport in plenty of time to check in for their earlier flight which had spare seats. We requested to change to the earlier flight, which would have advantaged them as well as us. NO; they refused unless we paid a huge change fee! Later, the same thing happened again for our Dubai to Singapore flight. If they had put us on the earlier flight, that also would have saved them giving us the complimentary hotel for connections longer than X hours. But, no, there is no common sense at Emirates.

The worst item was at our intermediate stop (between Dubai and S'pore, in Colombo. They refused to allow Economy passengers to de-plane and go into the transit lounge or terminal. They turned off the entertainment system, ordered us to stay in our seats, would not allow use of toilets, and then brought on board a cleaning crew who made much noise (vacuum cleaners), bumped passengers both with vacuums and arms as they reached all over us to inspect seat back pockets, etc. This all took 90-100 extremely unpleasant minutes. Again, this would have been avoided if they had allowed us to take either one of the two earlier (direct) flights.

I have already booked our next trip to/from Europe, definitely NOT on Emirates. Singapore Airlines and their new A350 with excellent connections into Amsterdam has obtained my booking this time. I'd have liked to patronise Qantas, but their fares and connections were unattractive.

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