Beware of St George Amplify credit card - very difficult to get my qantas points

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4 months ago I switched my rewards program on my St George Amplify credit card from earning amplify points to earning qantas points. There was no way for this to be done online so I have to call up and be transferred between 3 or 4 different people and spend over an hour on the phone to make the switch. After a lot of confusion I was told it was definately done.

Every month now after my statement comes out, I still have not been credited the points and continue to call them only to be told things like: "oh, I can clearly see why the points didnt go through, we didnt have your qantas frequent flyer number recorded in the system".

Another time I called up they said "oh, I think the reason is that your name on the credit card didn't exactly match the name on your qantas frequent flyer account", which in fact it did, I only have one name.

Anyway, this has been going on now for 3 months and I still havn't received my qantas points.

Very upsetting for a professional Australian bank to treat customers this way. They are only too happy to sell you a credit card, but when it comes to getting your points, they really don't care/ don't have any competence to get the issue resolved quickly for you. Well done St George!

Michael Kao

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It's better to stick with amplified as you can transferred to Velocity or Krisflyer. Krisflyer is way more valuable than QF anyway.

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