USA Airlines Lounge usage taxes.

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Can anyone else see the day when you will have all sorts of fees and taxes just to use a Lounge at a US Airport, I can.....and that's on top of the tips that we already shell out for drinks.


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The reason why drinks are not "included" is mainly because of liquor licensing laws back in the 1940's when the lounges in the US first opened. Until more recently they haven't been bothered to apply for permits which allow for free-flowing/ self-service booze. Several states where the lounges initially opened weren't even allowed to serve booze at all but would store a bottle of your own stuff under the "bar" and charge a fee for doing so.

The airlines don't make money off the lounge bar but it's kinda a throwback to how it initially was. In the eye's of the business if people are still happy to pay a couple of dollars for drinks then they might as well charge it.

As for the tipping thing... well you don't have to tip (no one is forcing you) and you'll still get drinks if you don't tip however the bar staff most often work for a 3rd party catering company and it's just rude when they're being paid minimum wage whilst everyone else gets tipped in other hospitality jobs.

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