Cancelling Exec Club membership

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I moved down from BA Silver to Bronze in January, and won't be flying BA enough this year to get back to Silver.

However, I will be flying:
- 2 BA flights in August (within Europe)
- a J Qatar flight in February 2019 worth 600 Tier points

In theory, this should keep me at Bronze (2 BA flights per year required), but my understanding is that because the tier point collection end date is January 2019, and my Qatar flight is February 2019, I will revert to Blue status - does anyone know if that is correct?

So, in order to retain BA Bronze, would the sensible thing be to:

- close my Exec Club membership
- start a new one just before the 2 BA flights in August. so that my tier collection period is August 18- August 19.

i.e.2 BA flights + Qatar J flight worth 600 tier points (and if I took 2 more BA flights in this period, I'm back at Silver)

Has anyone closed and started a new membership for similar reasons? From what I've read this is not breaching Ts and Cs.


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