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Like many I've been adversely affected by the RBA interchange fees decision and consequent withdrawal of AMEX cards by three of the four major Australian banks: in my case, NAB.

Velocity-linked cards seem sparse compared with QFF-linked cards.

Which are the better AMEX offers (with 'bonus points' for signing up) currently on offer that have a link to the VA not the QF FF scheme?

My bill is normally under A$3000 a month unless I go overseas.


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Amex Explorer Card. Good earn rate. Normally a good sign up bonus. 2 x Amex lounge invites. Transfer points to VA or a number of other programs. Travel credit offsets annual fee. You'll find a review on this site.


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I agree. The AmEx Explorer is a great "all-rounder" with a very good earn rate (1.5 VA points per $, along with the ability to transfer to other FF programmes including SQ at the same rate), and effectively "free" if you use the travel credit. It would be my first choice. Once you have it, particularly if you spend a lot on groceries and petrol, I'd also look at getting an AmEx Platinum Edge. Like the Explorer, its annual fee is offset by the travel credit ($200, in this case) and it earns 3 FF points per dollar at supermarkets, and 2 FF points per dollar at petrol stations. If you use the Platinum Edge for grocery and petrol purchases, and the Explorer for purchases everywhere else, you'll have the best of both worlds. But make sure you get the Explorer first as there's no sign-up bonus for the PE.

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