LAX TBIT to Terminal 6 with Checked Bags?

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Hi all - travelling from Sydney to Vancouver through LAX in a couple of weeks on VA1 business. We're away for a couple of weeks so I think we will need larger and therefore checked bags. We arrive at LAX with 3.5 hours before our CA flight through to YVR. Do you think we have enough time to go through and get our bags, then back through all the security stuff ? Can anyone provide some narrative on the procedure?


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3.5 hrs should be fine. The biggest delays Mrs B and I’ve had have been coming through immigration cf customs. (We’ve done tbit to terminal 5, checked in and on flight in 20 min). It’s not a huge walk to terminal 6.

Much like any other terminal, collect bags, clear customs, walk to other terminal and check in. Speed things up with no water bottle, keep iPad etc turned on and easily removed shoes....
You should be fine.


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Thanks, Really appreciate that. Our trip includes an leg from Canberra to Sydney the night before. We're working out whether to keep our large bags with us over night and check them in for the morning flight to LAX. I guess we'll have to go all the way out to bag collection, then over to international terminal via taxi (Staying in a hotel next to International Terminal over night).


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Your VA and AC tickets can be connected, if they were booked separately, pursuant to the VA-AC interline agreement. That means that your baggage should be checked through and your boarding passes printed to YVR at SYD. At LAX, you'll clear immigration, collect your bag and clear customs. Immediately after customs, turn right at the exit hallway and follow signs for connecting flights. This will lead you into the TBIT baggage re-check, where you can leave your bags. As you leave the baggage re-claim, turn right again and you should see signs for the transit security checkpoint. This is probably the quietest security checkpoint at LAX, and I would be astounded if security took you more than ten minutes, given the time that VA1 arrives. At that point you'll be airside, and you'll be able to follow signs through Terminals 4 and 5 to Terminal 6. Signs are very visible, and while it's a reasonable walk, it's a much faster and less stressful experience than trying to transit to Terminal 6 land-side. Keep in mind that before boarding, you may require a passport verification at the gate or in the lounge. I would estimate that from clearing customs to the AC lounge will take you less than thirty minutes. As always, US CBP processing times are variable, but with 3.5 hours layover, you'll be just fine, and probably in for 1.5-2.5 hours to spare.

Vis a vis your bags at SYD, I haven't overnighted from domestic to international, but a couple trips ago I overnighted BNE before an onward connection to CBR. The agent at the BNE domestic re-check said it was VA policy that bags could not be kept overnight, but perhaps the SYD international policy is different, and it may be also be different if you go to the international terminal itself. Keep in mind that if you are arrive on a late flight from CBR, that international check-in might be closed by the time you get there. The last VA international flight out of SYD leaves at 9PM, so I would expect VA international check-in to close marginally before that. This will particularly affect you if you are flying on VA661, 667, or 669.

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