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Can anyone assist: I'm new to the Australian Business Traveller site and have registered - I cannot see any of the pictures and if I click on the ? in the middle of where the image should be I get 'Image cannot be downloaded.

What am I missing please?



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Most likely settings within your browser. You could have an ad-blocker installed but AusBT is pretty mild in terms of ads...

Have you added AusBT to a trusted sites list in your browser?

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That's pretty unusual - what browser and version are you using, and what's your operating system? The site is designed to function in most modern browsers, although some older and outdated browsers aren't supported.

If it's only images within articles that you're having problems with (not other images like the site logo up the top), you or your network provider may have blocked the subdomains we host these images on: media.ausbt.com.au , media2.ausbt.com.au , media3.ausbt.com.au, etc, or the word "media" may be blocked by your company or web filtering settings or by dormant ad blocking software.

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