Virgin lounge v qantas club

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Regularly fly Qantas and Virgin Brisbane - Canberra.

Impressed with VAs lounge it's definitely improved with quality of food - fish and chips were offered Sunday night and was half decent. I would go so far as to say the quality of food is definitely better in the Virgin lounge than that in Qantas Club (not business lounge).

Noted that on the drinks front Qantas is one up by offering spirits and Qantas does do a greater bircher for brekky.

Interested to see who else agrees that split their travel between the two?

Poll: Which offers better grub?

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Aside from spirits, I've always ranked the lounges as follows:

  1. Qantas Business
  2. Virgin Lounge
  3. Qantas Club

Virgin's lounges tend to have marginally better hot food than Qantas Clubs (and have had better hot food lately like the fish and chips you mention), because the only people visiting the major Qantas Club lounges are those flying economy - business class passengers and Platinum frequent flyers are in the Business Lounge instead, so the Qantas Club is deliberately positioned as being lesser than the Business Lounge, whereas Virgin's lounge is a one-size-fits-all approach, which by nature is better for passengers on the lower end (lounge members and Gold frequent flyers), but perhaps not as great for those at the top (business class and Platinum).

Depends where you sit along that chain, I guess.

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If you're just looking at BNE-CBR I would say go VA. Brisbane is their main hub, and I've only been there a few times but I've found the food offering quite generous. I'm not sure that the QC at BNE has been refreshed yet, so it could still be on the older side.

At CBR I can tell you the offering at VA is definitely better. The QC here is newer, but I've always found the food at VA better.

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