Pay cheap Scoot airfare, fly Singapore Airlines business class

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Here's a good deal for anyone flying Sydney-Singapore this month. Scoot's Boeing 787s are being sent in for engine work due to the Rolls-Royce engine issues so the airline has borrowed an older Boeing 777-200 from Singapore Airlines. This will be on Scoot's SYD-SIN service until June 30, so if you book on Scoot's flight you will be on the SQ aircraft. The SQ 777-200 has older business class but it's still a lot more comfortable thanScoot's 'ScootBiz' and sure you don't get SQ meals or lounge access but for the low price of Scoot 'business class' you will be a much better seat!


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IFE also is turned off on wetleased Scoot flights operated by SQ's older 772 aircraft IIRC.


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This happened to my wife and I last February. I was a bit mixed as to what was the better option as crazy as that sounds. The 777 business class was one of the older ones and yes as per the previous comments no IFE where as on Scoot I'm fairly sure it was included in the package. So make sure you load up some movies on your device. Having said that though a full lie flat bed Vs a more 'premium economy' seat will always take the win.

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Here it is in writing of what the PAX get onboard.

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