Oneworld Lounge Options in DPS

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As Platinum Member, can you enter the lounge provided for QF flights when travelling on a JQ ticket?

Are there any other lounge options for Oneworld Emerald members?



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Oneworld privileges don't apply on Jetstar(s). You can only enter the Qantas Club where the exists (eg HKG, SIN).

The DPS lounge is an associated lounge not a Qantas Club, believe only access if on a QF marketed and operated flight. Believe Jetstar would also provide access if flying Business Max.

From recollection you can purchase lounge access to most of the DPS lounges for $15-25, although they aren't that special


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Whilst moa999 is 100% correct about DPS is anyone able to explain why some associated lounges allow JQ pax and some don't

for example across Asia Pacific (at ports with both QF and JQ/3K operating):
Bangkok - Allows QF marketed flights (can be operated by Qantas, Jetstar or even Bangkok Airlines)
Christchurch - Allows QF or JQ marketed flights.
Bali - Must be QF operated
Jakarta - Allows QF marketed flights
Manila - Allows QF or JQ marketed flights
Osaka - Must be QF operated
Shanghai - Must be QF operated

It makes me wonder what makes Christchurch and Manila special? or even Bangkok and Jakarta?

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