Melbourne Airport Parking Scam??

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Melbourne Airport car parks talk about pre paying online for a cheaper rate, is this really the case? I always book online and well in advance thinking i would get a better deal, well the car park even advertises a cheaper rate. This week i noticed that after inserting my credit card on exit i was charged $52.23 for parking! I looked into this and it seems what has occurred is stupid me booked the entry time as 5:30 PM instead of AM. My bad on this one but this cost me $65 pre booking. So in reality the $65 was also for 12 hours less than i actually used the car park park and $$12.77 dearer! Scam??

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OK, i think i know what has happended. The $51 i have had to pay seems to be the 6-24 hour rate, as i came in 12 hours early, they have stung me another $51 for the priviledge.


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So you booked the wrong time and are surprised you got charged for the extra 12 hours you booked?

Online prepaid parking at airports is becoming quite reasonable. Brisbane Airport currently has a $39 prepaid weekend deal (from around midday on Friday to Monday). $39 now makes it cheaper to park at Brisbane then some regional airports (like Toowoomba, Mackay, Avalon, and Newcastle).

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Scam? Hardly, you booked the wrong time but the airport is scamming you?

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